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ZM.GALAXY Server rules!


Permanent bans are given for players:
- who use any kind of CS hack ( wall, aim, speed etc.)
- ads on other servers , websites or forums (Only if they advertise on chat, player's with advertising names they will not be touched).
  Ban for 120 minutes are given for players:
- who retry after gag
- those who bring insults / racist remarks against any admin / player
- The last Zombie in a round, if he leave's the server and joins back in (Retry).


- use inadequate language on chat
- threaten other players or administrators
- ask for modes / ammo
- make spam


- Players that are on the map, in case they continue they will get slay, zombie that remain last and dont attack.
- At all mods when zombie's do not attack.


- We slay players if they are AFK,make block being rude or remain the last zombie and hide.
- We do the same with the last zombie left,if they intentionally prolong the round.
- Exemple of rude blocking: on the armageddon round,when someone lets free for a friend and he blocks other players.


- Just after the vote at the end of the map that comes automatically (Only when the map isen't good).
- After the vote has been completed,the vote must be refused by a admin and he must write in the console: amx_nextmap "namemap" at the end of the round.


- Admins may not give kick to the player who are AFK on our server just for there purpose to enter the server , they are only allowed to kick player's staying spectator.
- Between 23:00 and 10:00 admins dont give kick to anyone, even if player's stay spectator.
-Admins are allowed to stay spectator (Like the players) between 23:00 and 10:00 ( In the night program . )
- Admins are not allowed to give kick to other players with s nickname from a other server  as long they dont advertise on the chat.
- Those who speak to the microphone will be kicked 3 times followed by 60 minutes ban .
-Players are allowed to stay spec only if they tell to an admin the reason.

Basic rules for players and administration of the server:

- It is forbidden to use any kind of cfg (script). bunny hop script
- It is forbidden to swear! (including adminchat).
- It is forbidden to ask for explanations of a admin if he dident use any comand on you.
- It is forbidden to ask mods from owners.

Basic rules for administration:

- It is forbidden to abuse amx_vote for personal entertainment .
- It is forbidden to use the command votemap if you have not reached an agreement with the other admins present on the server.
- It is forbidden to use the command slap,slay,kick,just to benefit your situation in the game.
- It is forbidden to use the commands slap,slay,kick,if the person in fact does not break any rule.
- You are not allowed to use commands (slap, slay, freeze, kick, change nick or ban) in jokes on other admins, except slay if they violate rules in ways, who        does not respect remove.
- Dont use commandes on other admins in joke, except if the admin in cause break the rules in sniper or survivor mod.


1. The game is free within the limits of common sense.
2. Zombie: main objective: Zombie are forced to attack, not allowed to sit, to be killed by another player for ammo.
3. People: main objective: People are forced to eliminate all zombies.
4. Do not ask abusively: bazooka, minigun, ammo, chainsaw etc.
5. Do not ask abusively: game modes, Survivor, nemesis, human, etc.

If you make a admin request, answer at the question "By playing on this server, you agree that you have read and understand server rules?" with: yes i did!

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